It would be extremely helpful

Postato il 1 Luglio 2017 in R.T.F.F.
It would be extremely helpful if you placed the information about how to use your reward point system -- especially the fact that you can't use the points to purchase your entire purchase and that if you do you will lose your points -- at the appropriate step at checkout. It's incredibly disingenuous to let someone try to use their points without alerting them to this fact beforehand. Please refund me the points lost in this manner. I had 133 points, and tried to pay with 90 points. Now I only have 43 remaining and no product, and only learned that I could not purchase the pattern this way until AFTER I attempted the purchase and it would not go through. If you do not want to refund me the points, you could allow me to have the product I was attempting to purchase (The Golden Girls). You can check my account to verify that I have previously purchased other patterns to achieve the above amount of points.
It would be extremely helpful if, before having a tantrum, you had just tried to use the search box (or the side bar) located in the same section you used to open the ticket. Schermata 2017-07-01 alle 10.39.21