A very strange and large coincidence

Postato il 11 Febbraio 2016 in R.T.F.F.
CF: Hello,  I contact you directly before sending a copyright infringement note to Etsy. I was wondering if you know the fundamentals of copyright laws...
Etsy User X: Ok so I just looked at your shop for the first time. Honestly. I made this pattern myself on my computer. The only thing I can say is maybe I came across yours at some point and it stuck in my head. I honestly did not copy your pattern, as you can see there are differences.
Davvero? Dove? Really? Where? 
I have been making cross stitch patterns with little bean people as I like to call them
Bean People. Davvero creativo. Bean People, Really creative.
for a little over a year. As for this one I will take it down immediately! I am so sorry and I never intended for this and I do t rightly know how it happened. I hope you can forgive me!
star wars CF: Hello Jessica. The Mini People characters and basic shapes are registered copyright of CF since 2013. This said, I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt, but honestly I find really hard to believe that between one zillion of pixels combinations you came up designing your characters in the exact same way as I did. And that you have coincidentally also an Harry Potter pattern that is really close to mine and that has spells written in the same font and almost in the same colors. This is an almost incredible amount of coincidences don't you think?
As a creator myself I definitely understand where you are coming from. I can honestly say that when I created my first cross stitch pattern (my 12 doctors) I wasn't basing it off of anything. I know that you do not know me and therefore are not inclined to take my word. As for the coincidences, I see your point. But at the same time, as I just looked at your Harry Potter stitch pattern, our scripts are not the same. I came up with and am using what I think to be a very basic letter form while yours looks to be more of a calligraphy style, heavier on one side than the other. As for the likeness in the styling and the fact that there are spells involved I think that is always going to be when doing fan art. We are both creating something after something that was already created. With that logic you would need to be having an issue with the pattern I attached a photo of. I do think it is a very strange and large coincidence that our people look so similar. To that I cannot speak.
Eccoci qua, anni e anni di studi sulle teorie della casualità e sulla statistica spazzati via in un giorno. Un milione di scimmie che estraggono lettere per un milione di anni potrebbero a un certo punto scrivere la Divina Commedia, ma questo è altamente improbabile, e lei c'è riuscita in un anno. Potrei riscrivere la teoria del caso. La chiamerò "Non ho copiato il tuo lavoro. Una nuova teoria sulle strane ed enormi coincidenze". Here we are, years and years of studies on the theories of casuality and statistics wiped out in one day. A million monkeys typing for a million years could at some point recreate Shakespeare, but this is highly unlikely, and she did it in one year. I may rewrite the theory of the case. I'll call it "I have not copied your work. A new theory over strange and large coincidences" .

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